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Joining vLg

Postby flox » Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:01 pm

1.)Are you only joining for admin?:

2.)Why do you want to join vLg?
I've been playing on the SK server for a while now and it's the only server that had me coming back for more because of the great and active players. Also, many on vLg CS:GO servers are good at the game and it's challenging but fun to play on the servers. However, the reason why I want to join vLg is to be a bigger part of the community and represent vLg as a legitimate and respectable group, which it already is.

3.)Ingame name: flox

4.)Age: 18

5.)Do you have a mic?:

6.)What is "your" CS:GO MM RANK?:
Currently MG1

7.)Do you play on CEVO/ESEA/FACEIT?

8.)Which vLg server(s) do you frequent and how long have you played in the server(s)?:
I am frequently on the SK server, I played on the old server since late 2013.

9.)Name at least two vLg members:
Sickminds, P4!NB0W, MouseCake, Battsy, iaN, Dippy, whEElEr, ey3, failcookie

10.)Playing Time:
All day, not doing anything right now.

11.)What can you bring to vLg?
tbh my scouting is on point

12.)How long have you been playing CS:GO?
3+ years

13.)What other games do you play?
Insurgency, CS:S, any FPS.
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