SethA VLG Application :D

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SethA VLG Application :D

Postby SethA » Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:35 pm

1.)Are you only joining for admin?:

2.)Why do you want to join vLg?
Im applying because I have played on the servers for 2 years now and i have made lots of Friends and became a better player practising on the Awp Server.

3.)Ingame name: SethA

5.)Do you have a mic?:
I sure do

6.)What is "your" CS:GO MM RANK?:
Right now Dmg(was SMFC but i cant stand MM cause of how bad it is)

7.)Do you play on CEVO/ESEA/FACEIT?

8.)Which vLg server(s) do you frequent and how long have you played in the server(s)?:
Awp Server and sometimes the scout server

9.)Name at least two vLg members:
Sickminds/DaddySick, Umi6, OhNoItsJanna, JOHNNY, MrBeast and Casper( I think he got accepted)

10.)Playing Time:
weekdays- 7pm Till 9:30pm- Weekends 7pm Till 12pm

11.)What can you bring to vLg:
I cant bring More Awping skill to Vlg( Not trying to be an ass) also im always on the awp server when there is people on so the awp server will
have someone to make shure that no one is Suiciding, Cheating, bullying and Making alt accounts to farm to players points.

12.)How long have you been playing CS:GO?:
2 years

13.)What other games do you play?
H1Z1(alot), Rust, Dirt Bomb, DayZ, Counter Stike Source :D

Even if im not accepted into VLG i will still love the servers and will continue to play on them :D

P.S I love you Russian :D
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