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Joining vLg

Postby l3y0 » Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:04 pm

1.)Are you only joining for admin?:
2.)Why do you want to join vLg?
I'd like to become more interactive with the people on the servers and in the vLg community

3.)Ingame name:
4.)Age: 14 (I know, I sound younger, but im 14)
5.)Do you have a mic?: Yes
6.)What is "your" CS:GO MM RANK?: silver 2 (I've been playing CEVO and FACEIT instead of MM)
7.)Do you play on CEVO/ESEA/FACEIT? Yes, CEVO and FACEIT
8.)Which vLg server(s) do you frequent and how long have you played in the server(s)?: I play on the AWP server mostly, but I play on the 7v7 competitive server. I've been playing on vLg for about 3 months
9.)Name at least two vLg members: MouseCake, and MrBeast0
10.)Playing Time- Every day of the week
11.)What can you bring to vLg: Ideas for future updates on servers and different plugins that will help it perform better.
12.)How long have you been playing CS:GO?: June of 2012
13.)What other games do you play? World of Warcraft, H1Z1, Town Of Salem, and Hearthstone
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