Grover's application for vLg

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Grover's application for vLg

Postby grover » Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:58 pm

1.)Are you only joining for admin?: No, i would like to be part of the community first as a member to vLg due to the fact i would be new and it's not fair for me to be auto accepted as admin.

2.)Why do you want to join vLg?: i play on the servers everyday, (mostly the awp server) and i play with many of the community, the known and the new, and i like to be friendly, and i feel like i am on the servers frequently enough to be a big part of the community, and i just love this damn team

3.)Ingame name: ✪GroveR

4.)Age: 16

5.)Do you have a mic?: yes

6.)What is "your" CS:GO MM RANK?: Silver Elite Master (i dont play mm much anymore)

7.)Do you play on CEVO/ESEA/FACEIT?: faceit mostly

8.)Which vLg server(s) do you frequent and how long have you played in the server(s)?: vLg awp 128*tick Boosted 24/7 (i play on it about 3 hours or more a day)

9.)Name at least two vLg members:
Mousecake and Shrektfoot

10.)Playing Time: Every day mostly (this week (currently march 2nd) i have exams, but normally i play 2:20 pm -6:00pm or later)

11.)What can you bring to vLg: i am a coder, i know javascript and over forms of script, but im specialize in web design, i am certified in adobe photoshop and dreamweaver, going for my flash in a couple of weeks :)

12.)How long have you been playing CS:GO?: 6 years m8

13.)What other games do you play?: MMO, MMORPG and FPS(WoW, LoL, Tf2, CoD, etc.)
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